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Full name: Mike Gracz
Location: Chicago
About: Mortgages- Purchase and Refinancing in Illinois, California, Colorado, and Texas.

Personalized and local customer service.
A wide variety of products to choose from including purchase, refinance, cash-out loans and more.
A quick, secure and easy online application.

We'll recommend the best loan type to fit your financial situation.

I have years of experience.
You'll receive exceptional customer service

What We Do,

We begin the lending process by earning your trust. We listen to you, understand your goals, assess your financial situation, and review your loan options to find the best solution. Then we guide you from start to finish. We explain your loan program so you know exactly what's happening and what you need to do at each step along the way.

What We Offer,

Adjustable rate mortgages
Fixed rate mortgages
FHA home loans
FHA 203(k) rehabilitation loans
HARP refinance loans
Home equity lines of credit (HELOCs)
Home equity loans
Jumbo mortgages
Refinance programs
Reverse mortgages
USDA home loans
VA* home loans

How We Can Help You,

Our team is ready to help you identify and obtain the right home loan or refinancing solution for your situation. We'll answer any questions you may have, keep you informed throughout the process and get your loan closed as quickly as possible. Simply complete a loan application from the options available, and we'll contact you.

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