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Looking for 2nd Home financing for Rental Income. Have good credit score (760+). Have good income 65K me and 75K wife (combined $140K/yr gross), we own a home (owe 245K and pay $1,850 per month + $370 HOA, have 30K in bank for down, I own 2 cars that are financed (owe 19K on 1 and 17K on the other  - for $800/mo payments).  I need help with financing.

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Please email us your contact information at gcho@gustancho.com.
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Is it mandatory to put down 20% on a second mortgage?  I have called Loan Depot and two others and they told me I have to put down 20% .  They didn't even check my credit.  They just said it is a national thing.
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Do you know any banks that offer 10% down on second mortgages with a 700 credit score or better with income of over 70,000 yearly?