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Refinancing with cash out provisions, Judgement  that has exceeded  the statute of limitations. Collection agency no longer has any record of the judgement lien  and will not provide documentation. In effect the title record is orphaned. I appear to have three options

1. Get the county clerk to update the title record since the dates in the judgement attest that the statute of limitations has been exceeded.

2. Write a letter indicating a willingness to negotiate with them in the hope that they will say formally that the lien has not been renewed.

3.Ask the lender to refinance despite the confusion in the title record

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Check public records and see if you still have the lien against you. If the statute of limitations has expired, you need to go to court and have the judge release the lien due to the statute of limitations being expired. I doubt the creditor would let a secured judgment expire. Most judgments are good for 20 years and the judgment creditor can renew it more than once.