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Fico 5, 4, 2 is 610, 569, and 599. We have 4yo unpaid COs (job loss, very sick child). Pre approved with different lenders from $173k (low end) to $225k (high end).

single borrower makes $45k, car payment of $370, and low credit card limits with under 5% util. Excellent VOR and flawless payment history from past 24mos and on.

Made an offer on a house and was accepted for $190k, but now curious about other lenders.

We’ll need manual underwriting, won’t we? Can GCA do manual underwriting? Are they a direct lender? Can they help us make this dream a reality?

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What do you mean by COs? Don't understand what you mean by COs.
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Outstanding charged off accounts do not matter. 5% of the hypothetical debt is used on unpaid old collection accounts. We can help you with manual underwriting. What state are you in and please email us your contact information at gcho@gustancho.com.