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Hello!  My application is currently in underwriting.  I am concerned that because my student loans are so high that my DTI may not pass.  I have found a home that is scheduled to close on 12/2.  Honestly I did not see you site until after applying thru my current lender.  Would you be able to take over the case and will I still be able to close on 12/2 or earlier?  I am in Illinois and also seeking downpayment assistance from IDHA.  The Home Inspection and Appraisal have all been completed.  My student loans total 186k and I am currently in deferment, but the lender is saying that the payments are coming up to 1300 per month...but I am paying $0.00.  My credit score middle is 643.  Also I am currently employed but will start a new job in a week making more money.  Can you help?  What steps will I need to take.

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Hello, yes we can help!  If you run into overlays or concerns.  FHA does count all student loan debt towards ratios even if it is deferred.

we are in Illinois, if you are still having issues please contact me: maria@loancabin.com; 813-352-7523