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I have a petty theft crime from a Macy's back in 2016 but I reached out to my attorney to get it expunged. I already disclosed this to my boss the very first day and on the background declaration page on the NMLS submission form, I stated yes I was convicted of a crime (not a felony). I gave full detail on the situation and I uploaded my fee agreement and attorney letter stating it is in the process of being expunged for supporting detail. I am in the state of Tennessee, This crime happened in a different state. Will this prevent me from getting my license? Again it's a petty theft misdemeanor and not a felony and it is in the process of being expunged.

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Misdemeanor convictions are fine with the exception of theft. Felonies require a 7 year waiting period unless its fraud, theft, burglaries, forgeries. You may have an issue with your theft if it was a conviction.  I suggest that you wait until its expunged. Applying now will affect your eligibility for licensing.