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We had chap 13 discharge in Feb 2018.  We have re-established ilour credit with scores of 670.  Recently sold our house and have almost $40,000 for down payment and closing costs.  We have been told we will have to be manually underwritten because of the bankruptcy but everything else looks great.  We both have over 15 yrs with same employer.  Now we are being told we can't move forward with the mortgage process because of the Govt shutdown.  They can't get a case number or our tax transcripts.  Everything I have found shows this is not true.  Should we look for another mortgage lender?

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Yes you can.  Getting transcripts cannot be done.  If you are both W2 employees we have an investor is waiving transcripts.  If your self employed or 1099 we would need transcripts.  So yes if w2 and no if self employed.  We are ordering case numbers no problem.  Call me.

Alex Carlucci