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How hard is it to get an NMLS license in DC, VA, and PA? I worked wholesaling mortgage and lending products for a bank / brokerage a little more than 10 years ago before the 2008 crash. My region was the DC / VA area. I enjoyed it and did well when it came to hitting sales goals. I was not required to get an NMLS license at that time.

I would like to know how hard it is to get licensed in each state as my credit is not really bad but it is far from perfect.

I have already decided to go ahead and pursue my NJ NMLS license as that is my state of residence. I would also like to know if you have to take the entire course for each state or is there a streamlined way to get licensed in additional states?

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I recommend that you contact David Reinholtz at Loan Officer School.  Website is www.loanofficerschool.com. Tell him you were referred by Gustan Cho and he will give you 25% off.  He has the best study materials.  Take the 20 hour pre licensing course. He has the best study materials.  Take the national NMLS exam and you will be eligible to apply for licensing in any state. Credit scores don't matter. Best of luck to you.