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My wife I and had several rentals that we included in a bankruptcy that was discharged in early 2011. Unfortunately, one of the properties that was in foreclose was dismissed by the bank just before the scheduled court date and thus was never foreclosed by the bank. Not realizing this and not receiving any tax bills, the country foreclosed on the property due to unpaid taxes earlier this year. So, the question is call we quality for a conventional loan (or any other loan)? We are looking for the low-down payment and a loan between $60k-$110K. Our credit score ranges from 630 to 680 depending timing of current credit card balances due to work expenses that are paid off monthly. Any information and ideas you may have would be great.

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You actually can get a loan only if in your Bankruptcy papers selected a box marked surrender.  The other choice is retain.  If you checked surrender I can help you.  You are only eligible for conventional.  FHA looks at forclosure date no matter what.  Call me

Alex Carlucci

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Ralph this a question we get almost daily. Please reach out to Alex, he is one our expert loan officers who can help you through this process. We look forward to helping you obtain a home!