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I found your website while looking for how to write a letter of explanation for my underwriter.  My credit is perfectly fine, however, there’s a foreclosure on my CAIVRS (never heard of this til yesterday) report. In short, I’m supposed to close on my family’s new home Aug 3 & i didn’t know this was there. This is an old (7-8 years) foreclosure from when i was on the deed of the home i lived in with my ex-fiancé. He left, leaving me with a 3k/month mortgage. I tried for a long time to get it on my name & modified. I even went so far as to get a QCD to prove i lived there w my family & he didn’t. I hired an attorney because, after years of sending endless documents, including the requested QCD, it was denied. Foreclosure began - we fought it with me as the plaintiff. 

I’m at the point where i want to move & leave this behind me. The defendants’ motion to dismiss was denied & they offered me a settlement to drop my lawsuit against them. It also includes us moving - which i wanted to do. 

My credit proves i pay my bills on time, including mortgages (I’ve had one other). I even made 6 forbearance payments on this mortgage, which was supposed to lead into me taking over the loan & having it modified. 

After finding this out yesterday, I’m in a panic because I’m supposed to close on our new home on Aug 3 and be moved out of this one by Aug 4. How do i handle this? I’m reaching out to you because your website shows you have experience in handling these situations. We’re in Massachusetts. 

I’d greatly appreciate any help you’re able to provide as time is tight on my end. Had i known about this CAIVRS before, i would’ve had time to figure it out. 

Thank you

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Thank you for reaching out to me and my Team.  What is your number and best time to call you tomorrow morning.  I am going to have my associate George Makoutz can help you. Unfortunately I am not licensed in the state of Massachusetts but George is.  Looking forward to working with you and your family. 
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I apologize for this question - you guys are legitimate, right? I’m a wreck because everything with our new home has gone smoothly up until this. I literally have 2 weeks to get this approved & close. I’ve been working on it for 4 months.

Thank you again & i look forward to speaking with you & your team.
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Lol. Yes we are legit. Reason I cannot take care of you personally is because my company is not licensed in the state of Massachusetts but George Makoutz is.  I will call you in a few minutes.