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My credit score is 615 my wife’s 768. We have a high DTI ratio around 47-49%. We currently have 2 mortgages our 2nd which is a heloc with capital one for $65000. We’ve used $60,000. Our 1st we owe $255,000 with Mr Cooper. Home value between $370,000 & $390,000(guessing) last appraiser in 2007 for $349,000. Need to pay off Capital One $60,000 looking for cash out if possible maybe payoff some debt with 90%_125% LTV

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I would love to help you. My name is Mike Gracz. What state are you buying a home?  Your LTV restriction will be 85%. And less you have served for the US Armed Forces. What is a good number to contact you on? Or you can contact me on 630-659-7644 or mgracz@gustancho.com. Look forward to hearing from you.
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I am in Dallas Texas. What time are your office hours on Monday

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Charles you can contact me anytime tomorrow morning!  Otherwise Monday I’ll be back at 9am central time.