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Looking to purchase the home I have been renting for 7 years. The landlord is flexible and working with me on this possibility. I have been reviewing your website and interested because of the benefit of no overlay fees like so many other charges. Thank you.

Credit score is 629 today on Transunion and 664 on Equifa

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You bet! I would love to help you. I am Mike Gracz from the Gustan Cho Associates.  Sounds like you’re in a good position with your landlord. Is that the property are looking to purchase? What time are you available for a phone conversation? You can call or text me on 630-659-7644 or email me on mgracz@gustancho.com. Those credit scores are great. We would love to help you. We do not have any lender overlays. Talk soon!
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I am going on vacation to the Wisconsin Dells and returning Monday evening.  Can we touch base Tuesday after 3 PM central?
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You bet. Enjoy your time in the Dells!!
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Mike Fracz or I will call you Tuesday or Wednesday or you can call me any day next week after Tuesday after 3 in the afternoon. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer me late on a Friday night. My email is gcho@gustancho.com and number is 262 716 8151. Feel Free to call or text me for Faster response.